The Use Of palm Oil In Frying

This book provides information on the characteristics of palm oil products relevant to their use in frying, followed by a chapter on good practice in frying, including quality control aspects both for home and industry use. Technical literature on the use of palm oil is reviewed, as is the back-up information obtained in numerous experiments at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board and elsewhere.

The oil used in frying plays an important role in the eating quality of the food product and in its shelf life. An extensive methodology has been developed to measure relevant changes in the quality of frying oil.

A review of the technical literature shows that gradually food scientists found the frying performance of palm oil compared favourably with that of other oils; and palm oil could be used in various ways in the manufacture of their products.

An attempt has been made to compile information on the global volume of palm oil products used in frying. The figures indicate that frying is probably the largest single application of palm oil in food products.

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