Some Good Points Of Palm Oil

  • Provides energy

Palm oil is a good energy source for the body. One gram of the palm oil provides 9 kcal of energy, which is more than twice the energy provided by one gram of protein or carbonhydrate (4 kcal).

  • Stable

Unlike other vegetable oils, palm oil is also able to whitstand up to 235 °C frying temperature. It also preserves the natural taste of food.

  • Absorbs fat soluble vitamins

Like the other common edible oils and fats, palm oil is readily digested, absorbed and utilised as a source of energy. It also promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in the body.

  • Versatile

Palm oil is highly versatile and well suited for use in numereous food applications. It is used in cooking oil either directly or in blended form, in the manifacture of shortening, margarine, vegetable ghee and specialty fats.

  • No trans fats

One advantage of using palm oil in food manifacturing is non-requirement of hydrogenation process, as palm oil is naturally semi-solid. Hydrogenation of vegetable oils produces artificial trans fats, as by product, which are harmful to health.

  • Cholesterol-Free

Palm oil is %100 vegetable oil, therefore it is cholesterol free. It has the beneficial effect of raising the good HDL-cholesterol level, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

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