Semolina Dessert


– 250 gr semolina

– 3 table spoon palm oil

– 50 gr pine nuts

– 300 ml water

– 300 ml milk

– 250 gr sugar


  • Melt 3 table spoon palm oil in a pan. Add pine nuts and start to roast them. After pine nuts gets roasted, add 250 gr semolina and keep mixing them in low fire, about 20 minutes.
  • For sherbet of the dessert; mix all water, milk and sugar in another pot and let it boil in low fire while you keep mixing it. After the sherbet boils, add the hot mixture little by little to the pan. And keep mixing the mixture of sherbet and semolina.
  • Continue to cook the dessert about 8-10 minutes and after cooking, cover the pan and let it rest.
  • After then, share out the semolina dessert into bowls, and turn them over to service plates! If you want you can serve it with ice cream or with cinnamon too.

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