Palm Oil Lowers Cholesterol

Prof. Besler from Hacettepe University stated that trans fatty acids should be lower than 2% of the total energy of a person’s diet. “According to researches; compared to the other animal or vegetable fats and oils, palm oil has an effect to decrease the total cholesterol. While lowering the bad colesterol, it raises the good colesterol at the same time. Plaques such as atheroma in coronary veins pose a big problem for cardiovascular diseases. A research conducted in Holland in 1998 palm oil was reported to stop clotting just like sunflower oil and to have an anti-thrombotic effect. There are some other studies to confirm these findings.”

ppm). But there are two basic molecules in vitamin E; tocopherols and tocotrienols. The important thing is palm oil has tocotrienols which other oils do contain in significant amounts. Tocotrienol levels constitute about 40-50 % of vitamin E. The antioxidant activities of tocotrienol family is quite high. Today there are some studies on how vitamin E can be a preventive factor against cancer formation.”

Reminding the fact that daily intake of 6-8 gr of trans fatty acids raises the total cholesterol level by 5-7 mg/dl, Prof. Besler suggested that palm oil is good for health as it has no trans fatty acids.

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