Palm Oil In Non-Food Products

What are palm-based oleochemicals?

Oleochemicals refer to chemicals derived from oils and fats which have been broken down into their constituent fatty acids and glycerol. These products can be further modifed to produce various types of oleo derivatives.

Oleochemicals are often divided into two cateogories, namely basic oleochemicals and derivatives. Oleochemicals which are sourced from palm oil or palm kernel oil are known as palm-based oleochemicals. Malaysia is the world largest producer of oleochemicals, most of which are palm-based.

Palm based oleochemicals have properties that are suitable for personal care products including skincare, hair care, oral care and cosmetics. In these products, the oleochemicals and their derivatives provide lubricity, humectants, emulsifiers, emollients viscosity, modifiers, lather improvers, conditioners and sheen.

What are the advantages of palm-based non-food products?

They are natural products, as palm-based raw materials are of renewable vegetable origin. Being vegetable-based, the products are accetable to adherents of all religions.

Palm-based products have superior biodegradation characteristic compared to petroleum-based surfactants. Cosmetics, for example, have been proven to be of superior quailty in terms of their moisturising properties.

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