Malaysia’s Palm Oil Industry

First intorduced to Malaysia in the 1980s as an ornamental plant, the Elaesi Guineensis –the oil palm tree- is now leading agricultural crop in Malaysia. Extracted from the fruit of the oil palm, Malaysian palm oil is both low cost and versatile as an ingredient in food and other consumer goods.

The palm oil industry has led to the devolepment of hundreds of rural townships and is also a major source of income for the government through the collection of corporate and personal taxes which realises education, health and infrastructural development for the benefit of all Malaysians. The economic contrubution of Malaysian palm oil provides a source of income and widespread employment opportunitities throughout the year of hundreds of thousands of workers.

The breadth of Malaysian’s palm oil industry and its significance cannot be understated, as its impact ripples not only through the domestic economy but globally as well – from the plantation and oil mill owners and workers to the hawkers and multinationals who use it in the products, and finally those innovative entrepreneurs finding new ways to utilise palm waste.

The past success of Malaysia’s palm oil industry is directly attributed to the dedicated men and women whose physical and intellectual contributions have pushed this industry tho where it is today. Coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, these people are the ones who will remain as the backbone of an industry that will continue to flourish for many years to come.

Palm oil contains no trans fatty acids, and it is cholosterol-free; in fact, it has been shown to increase levels of ‘good’ cholosterol, or HDL. The oil also has naturally high levels of important antioxidant nd Vitamin E. So it is easy to use with a light heart and a clear consience, especially when cooking for your nearest and dearest. Little wonder then that palm oil lends itself so well to so many basic everyday staples.

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