How to Use Red Palm Oil

As its name suggests, red palm oil has a vibrant reddish color. It offers high levels of various nutrients. In fact, according to SmartPublications, red palm oil “contains more antioxidants and vitamin E than any other oil.” This can help slow the aging process, and fight against cancer and heart disease. It is a common cooking oil in parts of the world and works well in many dishes because it remains stable even after being exposed to heat.


  1. Select the ingredients you wish to cook with red palm oil based partly on the color of the oil. Yams, pumpkins and darkly colored foods like beets or steak can handle the bright red color better than light-colored foods like mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs, for example. There is no nonaesthetic reason not to use red palm oil with these foods, and you might even be able to use it creatively to add color to otherwise blandly colored foods.
  2. Use the red palm oil with foods that can handle a moderately strong, somewhat savory flavor. Because of this flavor, red palm oil works better with savory dishes than sweet dishes. Its savory taste would go better with fish, meat or a stir-fry than with delicate or sweet foods such as pancakes.
  3. Cook the foods at a low to medium temperature, if possible. Even though red palm oil is significantly more stable than other oils, some of its antioxidants will be destroyed when it is heated to the temperatures required for cooking.

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