Healthy Palm Fruit Oil production facts!

There are many good reasons why the healthy palm fruit oil tree is called the Tree of Life. It produces the oil that is doing everyone a world of good. Forget what you may have heard about oil palm oil being harmful.Here’s the truth about this amazing oil:

  • Malaysia is one of the world’s largest producers of palm oil.
  • Malaysian oil palm plantations are mainly on established old agricultural land or previously logged-over forest land. Planting practices are reaching for even higher standards of sustainability.
  • It feeds the hungry. Palm oil consumption has a recorded history of 5,000 years. Today it feeds three billion people in 150 countries, boosting global food security and curbing nutritional deficiency as well as heart disease. About 80 percent of Malaysian palm oil goes into food uses.
  • The USDA has given palm-based products sold under the Smart Balance brand (containing up to 50% palm oil and 50 percent local oils) to carry the U.S. patented label “To help increase HDL (good cholesterol) and improve the Cholesterol Ratio (HDL/LDL)”.
  • Contrary to graphic descriptions, pristine rainforests in Malaysia are not being chain-sawed round the clock for oil palm cultivation at the expense of wildlife habitats. Some 64 percent of forest, including some of the world’s oldest virgin rainforests, remain intact despite centuries-old reliance on agriculture and forest resources for livelihood. Add agricultural tree cover – oil palm, rubber, coconut and cocoa – and a stunning green expanse covers 81 percent of the country’s total land mass!

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