10 Tips for a Healty Life

A healthy and long life is everyone’s dream… But there are some things we need to do to make this dream come true. Balanced diet, exercise, health scans at regular intervals are the most important requirements of healthy living.

1.Have your regular health check. In this way, you can detect diseases that do not cause symptoms and can take early measures. Regular health cheks are crucial for both life time and quality. Check-up examination caan be used for early diagnosis of diseases such as hypertansion, diabetes, disorders caused by elevated blood fats, hepatits and cancer.

2.Determine your age-appropiate physical and do it regularly, maintain your ideal weight. Pay attention to the amount of energy you recieved. Meals should be taken frequently and less. Pay attention to oil limitation. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables should be increased.

3.Stay always hydrated!

4.Do not smoke, do not stay in a smoking area. Smoking, which contains many harmful substances, adversely affects all organs and systems in the body and invites diseases. Also smoking is one of the most impotant causes of skin and body aging.

5. Do not expose to harmful effects of sunlight and radiation. With the desire for tanning, long hours of exposure to the sun’s rays or entering the solarium paves the way for skin cancer.

6. Pay attention to sleep patterns and quality. It is very important for the person to adjust the sleep pattern by taking into consideration the effort of the person during the day. Healthy sleep at appropriate times and places will keep the body young and fit.

7.Try to avoid the stress of everyday life, take time for yourself and get a hobby.
Stress affects not only psychology but also physical health. In order to prevent aging, stress-increasing factors should be avoided.

8. Make sure you have a holiday in summer or winter. Holiday has a very important contribution to mental and physical health.

Spend time with people you love. Love and sharing are essential for a healthy and happy person

10. Be at peace with yourself, laugh a lot and look at life positively. Scientific research has proven that laughing has good impacts to many systems in the body.


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