Palm Oil

Palm oil is a natural vegetable oil obtained from the fruits of Elaeis Guineensis tree, unprocessed red due to its high carotene content.

Palm oil, which has many advantages both in terms of individual health and in terms of production and consumption, is used in food, cosmetics and many other sectors.

Compared to other vegetable oils, it is not seasonal and makes palm oil the number one choice for those seeking sustainability and efficiency in oil.
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Sustainability and Environment

Malaysia’s century-old plantations are professionally managed through Good Aglicultural Practices in compliance with corporate governance and social responsibility.

This minimises the impact of plantation activities on the environment and biodiversity. In fact, oil palm plantations in Malaysia are often cited as the best model of tropical agriculture and Malaysian standards are usually referred to as an industry benchmark.

Due to the environmentally friendly agricultural policies of the malaysia palm oil industry, many companies prefer malaysia palm oil.


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